Application Timeline Update

We are still accepting applications to Summer Camp! Participants will be notified of their acceptance on a rolling basis. Every student in your group must fill out an application.

Session Dates

Camp Session 1: Sunday, August 6th - Friday August 11th
Camp Session 2: Sunday, August 13th - Friday August 18th
Camp sessions will cover the same content; you only need to attend one session. You must apply to camp with two other people who attend your school - make sure to apply for the same session!

Application and Deadline

Applications are open and participants will be accepted on a rolling basis. Every student in your group must fill out an application.
Camp Sunrise will be hosted at Camp Manitowa in Southern Illinois, which is a traditional summer camp that opened in 2010.
Please direct all questions about camp to Lead Organizer: Audrey Lin — do not reach out to Camp Manitowa, as they are just our hosts and will not be running our program!
The nearest airport is Saint Louis Lambert International Airport, about 1.5 hours away. Camp counselors will greet students on arrival to the airport, and Sunrise will coordinate group transportation to Camp Manitowa.
Camp address:
12770 North Benton Rd.
Benton, IL 62812
Our camp is located on the stolen land of the Kaskaskia, Kickapoo, Osage, Myaamia, and other Indigenous nations. As visitors of this space, we acknowledge the history of colonial violence and forced migration, and recognize Indigenous sovereignty and land stewardship as crucial to the fight for a Green New Deal and climate justice.

Programs and Activities

New friends, fun activities, and real campaign training!
At Camp, you’ll learn about Sunrise, the Green New Deal for Schools, and everything you need to start campaigning at your school this fall. Training might include Sunrise 101, Building Power, Storytelling, Multi-racial Movement Building, Recruitment 101, How to Plan Actions, Winning the Green New Deal for Schools, and more.
Everyone will have a chance to make powerful movement art by painting signs and banners.
In addition to our Sunrise training, we’ll also get to enjoy traditional camp activities, like a high ropes course, canoeing and swimming in the lake, hanging out by a bonfire, and talent show performances.

Housing and Transportation

While at camp, students will sleep in yurt style cabins with 15 other participants. Additionally, some students may sleep in dorm style rooms and traditional cabins. We have gender inclusive and same gender housing options.
Students must provide their own bedding (i.e. a sleeping bag and pillow). If you are not able to travel with or get these items, please reach out to our logistics team before camp starts!

Cost and Financial Support

There is no cost to attend Camp Sunrise. Camp is fully funded by the Sunrise Movement, a national non profit organizing young people to stop the climate crisis. All housing and meals are provided by Sunrise. Sunrise swag (T shirts, art, stickers, bandanas) will be given to all students.
At Sunrise we ask for help and we give what we can. If you are able to book and pay for your own travel we encourage you to do so. Sunrise is able to pay for travel expenses to and from Camp for any participant who needs it. If accepted to Camp, our logistics leads will coordinate with you to book travel.

Camp staff

Please direct all questions to
Audrey Lin (she/her)
Camp Director
Hey there, my name is Audrey, and I grew up in the Boston area. After organizing in my local hub, I joined Sunrise Movement staff in 2020 to build support programs for middle and high schoolers. Since leading programming in person and online throughout the pandemic, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of students in schools across the country. I’m thrilled this summer to lead Sunrise’s first ever summer camp and bring more students into our movement and fight for the Green New Deal for Schools. At camp, I’m looking forward to art builds, bonfires, and building power

Fav camp activity: swimming in the lake!
Aru Shiney-Ajay (she/her)
Camp Programing Team
I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, off the banks of the Mississippi River, and spent summers visiting my family's home in Kerala, India. Here, I learned to love my home and first saw the effects of climate change. I joined the Sunrise Movement as a volunteer when I was 19, and have now been on staff for four years. In my free time, I love playing with my dog Gem, wandering around on long walks, reading books, and swinging on my neighborhood swing set. 

Fav Camp Activity: Walks in nature 
Dejah Powell (she/her)
Camp Support Team
Hi! My name is Dejah (she/her), I’m from Chicago but currently reside in Brooklyn, New York. I first joined the Sunrise Movement in January of 2019, and in February of 2020 I got hired onto our staff team. My hopes and vision for Sunrise is that we become the multi-racial, cross-class movement that builds the people power, political power, and cultural power in society, to make the Green New Deal a reality. Beyond the FUN time (e.g., talent shows, structured activities, etc.) I'm most excited about a lot of the organizing learnings & skills taking place during summer camp.
Izzy (they/them)
Art Activities Lead
Hey! My name is Izzy (they/them) and I teach young people in the movement to create art for our campaigns. I came to Sunrise with a background in woodworking, graphic design and education - and upon initially joining Sunrise as a volunteer in our DC hub - I quickly found creating action art to be a great combination of my skill sets. I can't wait to get messy in the craft tent this summer and unleash the creative energy of our students - from friendship bracelets to picket signs.

Favorite camp activity: S’mores by the fire!
Roberto Juarez (he/him)
Camp Support Team
Roberto has over 15 years of community organizing and campaigning experience. His organizing experience started off 2007 as a tenant organizer in apartment complexes right outside of Washington DC. In 2010 Roberto became deeply involved with the immigrant youth movement leading key campaigns that were instrumental in winning DACA, which provided protection from deportation to hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth. After winning DACA Roberto continued to organize the immigrant rights movement, while also leading efforts around democracy reform, racial justice, and voter outreach. In 2018 Roberto first connected with the Sunrise Movement, supporting a core group of leaders to organize power direct actions and campaigns. In 2020 Roberto joined Sunrise staff serving as Mobilizations Director and is now serving as Organizing Director.

Fav camp activity: Field day and pick up soccer games
Tania Campos Suarez (she/her)
Camp Support Team
Hola! My name is Tania (she/her) and I’m from Nicaragua. I moved to the United States in late 2014, and now I live in Berkeley, California. I joined Sunrise Movement as a volunteer with the Bay Area hub in 2021, and joined our staff in January of 2022. Before working for Sunrise, I worked for another nonprofit organization managing events and operations. I’m excited to be part of the Summer Camp and help participants have an amazing experience. Favorite camp activity:

Stories by the fire! :)
Do I have to apply with other people from my school?

Applying with at least one other student who attends your school is required. By attending camp together, you’ll build strong team skills and help each other take the Green New Deal for Schools Campaign back to your school. We encourage you to apply with buddies who reflect the demographic makeup of your school.

Who should apply to camp?

Any current high school student who will be enrolled in school fall of 2023. Rising seniors must apply with students in younger grades who will be able to continue the work after seniors graduate.

We are seeking students attending public schools, and Black and Latine students are especially encouraged to apply. 

  • We’re especially seeking schools in the following locations:
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Miami, FL
  • Atlanta, GA

Are Sessions 1 and 2 the same?

Yes! Camp session 1 and 2 will be the same. On your application, please indicate which session you prefer. Make sure you and your buddies from school apply to the same session—your entire school group must attend the same session.

How many students will attend each session?

Around 170 students will attend each session from 50 different schools.

How much does it cost to attend?

Camp is completely free to attend! Sunrise will cover all meals, housing, and other expenses while at camp. Sunrise can also pay for travel for anyone who needs it. If you are able to pay for your own transportation, we encourage you to do so and help fund our programming. We estimate costs to run summer camp are $1,000 a participant — if you would like to fund a camper and make our work possible, donate here!

What languages will the training be run in?

The training will be entirely in English.

If you have any questions about language accessibility, please reach out to

I’ve applied. What happens next?

We will be reviewing applications and sending acceptances on a rolling basis.

What should I know about COVID-19?

While many restrictions have loosened since the start of the pandemic, we want to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all students and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

All participants are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and will be asked to take a rapid or PCR test before traveling. Upon arrival to camp, all campers will be tested.

If you test positive for COVID-19 at camp, you will be re-housed in a private dorm location and your parent/guardian will be contacted. We’ll make sure you have what you need to feel supported and safe, and we’ll help make a plan with you and your parent/guardian about your travel plans.

Will I need to sign a permission slip? How will my parent/guardian be contacted?

All campers must have a parent or guardian sign a permission slip in order to attend.
Our logistics team will reach out to parents who request to speak with camp staff.

I’m a parent. How will I receive information about the program?

Before camp, parents will be invited to attend an online info session to provide details about the transportation plan, how your student’s needs will be met, and who to contact if you have additional questions throughout the week.

What type of food will we be eating?

All meals will be provided by the Camp Manitowa dining hall. We will mostly eat vegetarian/vegan meals, and are able to accommodate all dietary needs (allergies, halal, kosher, etc.)

I’m booking my own travel. When should I arrive and depart?

Once accepted to camp, our logistics leads will reach out to you about booking travel!

What is Sunrise’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Sunrise is committed to Justice, Equity, and Anti-Oppression and building a better world for all. Throughout our training, we will discuss racism and classism in our schools, and learn about frameworks to organize across race and class.

We welcome students of all identities, backgrounds, and religious beliefs. Our training/counselor team is a diverse group of young people from all over the country. We welcome queer and trans youth, and all names and pronouns will be honored.

What happens after camp?

After camp, we’ll support you to bring the Green New Deal for Schools back to your community and start a Sunrise Hub at your school. We’ll keep you connected to your camp friends through support pods, and over the fall of 2023, help you start a Green New Deal for Schools campaign and build student power.